July 24, 2004

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave are Gram Lebron, Sonya Westcott, Pat Sturgeon and Zach Rogue. And Rogue Wave are pop. Just how much so is obvious when listening to these tracks.

They just released their debut - 'Out of the Shadow' -  on Sub Pop Records (it was originally released in early 2003 on their own label Responsive Recordings) and are touring with A.C (Carl) Newman as openers on most of his dates. I picked up tickets for Newman's Toronto date last week and am now looking forward to seeing the opening act as well - a rare occurrence for me. I first heard of Rogue Wave at fellow blogger Chris's POP77 music blog - he hosted a couple of tracks you can get here.

This is what Carl Newman himself said about the band: '... Rogue Wave seems like a classic (San Francisco) Bay Area band, in the tradition of Thinking Fellers and Barbara Manning,they've just got that vibe...'

+ nourishment nation  mp3

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