July 13, 2004

Sondre Lerche

I posted about Sondre Lerche a while back, a couple of times actually. I caught his 2004 North America concert opener(his first with a band behind him) at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and he put on a good show. He seemed to really enjoy himself up there banging away at an electric guitar. Especially during Two-way Monologue, which is probably the best song he has yet written.

The structure of the song itself is impressive enough, but his vocal ability is often overlooked due to the simple fact that he makes it look, or should I say sound so easy. The guy almost sounds like he's talking in your ear, cooing you to sleep - what he is doing is crooning. You don't hear it much nowadays in the pop mainstream, when it was the mainstream it was usually done with a slower tempo and a big band - behind guys like Sinatra and Tony Bennett.

Two-way Monologue is simply a great piece of pop music writing. From a lazily strummed acoustic guitar it moves into drums, bass, and choppy guitar. Then the song pops like a big red balloon as the chorus hits, organ swirling, back-up voices cooing along.

lll=> two way monologue

A NOTE: the video can be seen here - thanks to suz for the tip

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