August 10, 2004

TED LEO::balls out

Ted Leo will unveil his new cd in the very near, but not close enough, future. Word is that the new stuff has leaked onto filesharing services and yet, on his own website, are what I have heard some say are demos from the new album. Whatever they are, the track The Angels Share kicks some ass - I can imagine them bouncing off the studio walls - if this is the demo? Ted and the boys sound like they're having a blast - when I listen I can see Ted himself bounding up and down, over and over, like a twenty two year old Pete Townsend. They've all got their balls out on this one, let's hope no one got hurt... and I pray no one put an eye out - that would be a tough one to explain.

(sounding more than humbled) 'Well, ya see, uh... first we, uh... we... got our balls out...'

go here to listen to The Angels Share - after entering site go to media then audio.

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