September 15, 2004

the pink mountaintops // album review

Here is my review of 'The Pink Mountaintops' self titled album. It's also on betterPropaganda's site - well worth a visit for a whole lotta free music.

'The Pink Mountaintops' Stephen McBean asks "Can You Do That Dance?" and then proceeds to throw you down, pulling and pawing at you until he gets what he wants. What does he want? Some "Bad Boogie Ballin"? Some "Sweet 69"? Does he want to fuck mountains? Oh, wait, he already did that, i.e.– "I (fuck) Mountains"… and he did 'lakes and some fakes', oh, he also 'loved and sucked the pink mountaintops'. Do you see where he's coming from here? Straight from the groin, the songs fuelled by Red Bull and trucker speed - with some Viagara sprinkled on his salad.

'The Pink Mountaintops' surely stand out from fellow Jagjaguwar artists - not having much in common with indie rockers
'Minus Story', or the experimental folk of 'Richard Youngs'. If need be, this band's sound could be labeled claustrophobic/indie/sexual-advance/rock.

McBean was not alone in studio during the laying down of this carnal concoction - Amber Webber, Joshua Wells, and Christoph Hofmeister took part in the adventure. Unfortunately, there isn't much to get excited about here, some of the tracks are well worthy of repeated listens, but this is the type of record that wears on you before it reaches the end. The stand out track being, without doubt, "Can You Do That Dance?" – with it's insistent tone bolstered by the Cobain-ish guitar, the doo-wop-ish back-up singers, and McBean's own, 'it's 3 am - the buzz is wearing off - and I ain't gonna get laid', vocal.

"Can You Do That Dance?" courtesy betterPropaganda

and + rock and roll fantasy

You can buy it here.

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