September 13, 2004

Quasi @betterPropaganda

Quasi - "Drunken Tears" courtesy betterPropaganda

I love the way this song smashes into your ears at the start. Piano, cymbals, drums. Then the piano starts the melody - and boy does it start - just rolling along with it's own funky little tail slapping it's ass on the backbeat, but hey, the piano man is only getting started here. The bridge, oh, man... the bridge is like getting stuffed into a metal garbage can and rolled down, if not off, that bridge... by your girlfriend.

Quasi is a duo, made up of Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss, this man/woman duo thing does bring to mind Mates of State, but they aren't as lo-fi and avoid their complex vocal stylings.
All you gotta remember about this song is: it's one voice, ten fingers (o.k. twenty fingers, they were reattached), 88 keys, and a drum kit. Oh yeah, there are some strings in there as well and backing vocals and.... and it's great.

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