September 15, 2004

Twin Peaks // *theme song*

David Lynch's Twin Peaks (co-written w/ Mark Frost) is definitely my all time favourite show. Oddly enough (everything related in any way to Twin Peaks must be odd, it's the law), earlier today I had seen a woman standing at a bus stop - middle aged, scraggly hair, plastic framed glasses slipping over and over down her thin nose - in her arms she clutched a bucket with a wire handle. The first thing that popped into my head was 'Log Lady'! On the series there was an on-the-fringes character who was always seen with a fire log in her arms. Hence, she was known as the 'Log Lady'.

Anyway, I came across an mp3 of Angelo Badalamenti's theme for Twin Peaks after I got home and this was a case of perfect synchronicity. A weirdly beautiful piece of music for a weirdly beautiful and creepy television show whose memory was revived by a just plain weird woman.

listen to the theme: + Twin Peaks

Come to think of it... when music and David Lynch come together in my mind, the equation equals John Vanderslice. A stellar musician who finds himself inspired by film - film that tends to lean toward the darker side. A side that is hidden away behind the closed doors of your neighbours - something that is always there, like that latent virus breeding under your fingernail.

The John Vanderslice song inspired by Lynch's film,
"Mulholland Drive", is + 'promising actress' - unfortunately this download is extremely slow - it took over 50 minutes when I downloaded it.

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