October 21, 2004

Grenadine Records

Grenadine Records is located in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. An indie label started by friends, Eric Lapointe and Alex Megelas, it's been in operation since 1999 and sports the slogan, "Timeless Pop Attitude".

The label's artist roster includes:
Alexis O'Hara
The Dears
Shy Child
Tricky Woo
Starvin Hungry

...with a handful more.

Here are some mp3s to sample.

alexis o'hara +
escape hatch
blurtonia + perfect crime
shy child + tv tunnel
the frenetics + scenery

Visit Grenadine Records. You can find more mp3s and bios of label artists, also links to artist websites where more mp3s can be sampled.

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