October 03, 2004

HOT HOT HEAT: "Bandages"

Hot Hot Heat hit some people like their first shot of rum & coke - familiar, but somehow 'better'... for some (like those who can become addicted to scratching their own mosquito bites) it was almost too much. Almost. If it wasn't for the joy it spread through the listener - giving them dancin' feet - H.H.H. could have been just a little too much too handle - but it isn't and wasn't.

If this song reminds me of anyone it's The Walkmen doing 'The Rat', both bands teeter on the edge throughout their respective songs. 'Bandages' swings and sways, more than any other Hot Hot Heat song. Like a large woozy drunk careening on a cruise ship dance floor - you just can't take your eyes (or ears) off it. You stand there waiting for the inevitable and the unknown, just what is going to happen and when? The song is a car crash waiting to happen, but film director, let's saaayy, David Cronenberg, seemingly cries cut at the 3:32 mark everytime.
"Alright, take 2... roll tape... speed... action!"

Download "Bandages" courtesy of betterPROPAGANDA

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