October 09, 2004

MY WAY MY LOVE: "Captain"

My Way My Love

'My Way My Love's' "Captain" is 'Sonic Youth' meets 'The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion' somewhere in the air over a blacked out city. Parachuting from the plane comes 'My Way My Love' to free us from corporate programming and pre-fab bands and songs.

Air raid sirens peel relentlessly under the chunky bass of Dai Hiroe, the struttin' drums of Takeshi Owaki, and the electric sting of Yukio Murata's guitar. Tokyo-bred experimental punk blues pulsates over, under, and around the melody of "Captain", but doesn't interfere with what is simply... one fine melody.

download "Captain" from "hypnotic suggestion : 01"
courtesy of betterPROPAGANDA

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