October 06, 2004

.:: the one am radio ::.

"The One AM Radio" makes quiet, dreamy pop, that often rests on a magnetic field of electronic beats - sometimes quivering, sometimes humming, sounding like the dreams of a lonely robot with a human heart.

.::the one am radio::.

The band is a duo, Hrishikesh Hirway and Jan Yakowitz, a violinist whom Hirway met while the two attended Yale. Originally, Hirway was alone in the endeavour and chose the name, "The One Am Radio", to try and stay out of the singer/songwriter category. Now, that is no longer a problem with the addition of Yakowitz, who is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. Together the two have released "The Hum Of Electric Air" in 2002, and "A Name Writ in Water" in 2004.

+ untied from "A Name Writ in Water"
+ flicker from "The Hum Of Electric Air"

the one am radio website

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