October 05, 2004

"REAL GONE" Lyrics

"Real Gone" is finally released today and for all of you lucky enough to find tracks off this album online, or to have a copy already, here's a link where you can find the lyrics for "Real Gone".

Go here for lyrics.

There is a great article at the Anti Records site on Waits, here.
Here is a snippet about his wife Kathleen Brennan...

He does believe, however, in the advantage of two heads over one. He writes and produces all of his songs with his wife Kathleen Brennan, a former script-editor whom Waits met while writing the Oscar-nominated music for Francis Ford Coppola's One from the Heart in 1982. (Waits launched his successful on-screen career the following year in Coppola's Rumble Fish.) "Her ideas are indispensable. They've definitely improved my aim and my perception. I think I used to be much more timid in my music. She pushed me out in traffic in my stroller. . . .

"She was going to be a nun, she was an opera singer, and a newscaster. She plays piano like Liberace and Glenn Gould, she's a tree-surgeon and a ventriloquist, she can even take the engine apart on the truck. And she's a bathing beauty."

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