October 29, 2004

UPDATE: Who is the "KING of INDIE"?

So far there has been a wide range of nominees for the election of our "King of Indie"! It all started at this time yesterday.

Some names...
conor oberst (2)
morrissey (2)
thurston moore
ted leo (2)
ian mackaye
john vanderslice (2)
frank black
doug martsch
colin meloy
will oldham
Blake Schwarzenbach
stephen merritt

iron & wine's sam beam
ben gibbard of death cab (3)
Mac McCaughan

well, are we missing someone? LET ME KNOW! If you like a name you see, tell me, so that name will get on the "King of Indie" ballot. Use the comments or email me: sixeyesblog@hotmail.com.

thanks guys, a great response so far.


  1. Anonymous9:47:00 AM

    How about Robert Pollard? No one matches him for sheer song output

  2. Anonymous11:25:00 AM

    Pollard, by a country mile.

  3. Anonymous4:59:00 PM

    John Reis?

  4. Anonymous9:12:00 PM

    anton newcombe

  5. not sure if anyone noticed, but this post is two years old.