November 16, 2004


John Stirratt and Pat Sansone are The Autumn Defense. Stirratt plays bass for Wilco and it's forefather Uncle Tupelo, while Sansone has worked with artists such as Josh Rouse, Joseph Arthur, and others in a musician or producer capacity and has now recently joined the members of Wilco on keyboards and guitar.

pat sansone(left)and john stirratt

Their music is warm, the sound from the speakers golden, not just due to the melodies, but the production also - these men have spent many hours in recording studios and have obviously been picking up the tricks of the trade. 'Silence' in particular is beautiful, building from melancholy vocal and acoustic guitar to unveil sparkling piano and an organ which varies from lonesome whistle to reedy warmth.

+ tuesday morning

full five paces
long forgotten love

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