November 10, 2004

NINO ROJO // "Little Yellow Spider"

I picked up Devendra Banhart's latest effort, "Nino Rojo", a few weeks ago at a local indie shop. The just-rolled-out-of-bed guy propped up behind the counter took the disc from my hand and waving it in the air said, "Good choice". It was.

Recorded during what must have been many hours behind a mic, as Banhart recorded these tracks at the same time he recorded, "Rejoicing in the Hands", these tracks bear a resemblance to their sister album, but here Banhart spreads out a bit, adding more instrumentation.

For me, with so much music at my fingertips, I rarely listen to an album over and over, and that is true with "Nino Rojo" as well. But the track I enjoy the most is, "Little Yellow Spider". If you crossed Dr. Doolittle with Bob Dylan, the resulting "morphant" would pen this song.

Devendra Banhart - Little Yellow Spider

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