November 15, 2004


(*thanks to everyone who has commented so far, or sent along emails, funny how two emailers (chris and jeremy) mentioned movies in their comments - that the theme songs could queue up as you enter or exit a room, maybe this will make it easier for me, and for you guys, to discover your theme song. keep 'em coming! )

While listening to the insipid, infinitely gag inducing, radio station, I am forced to 'enjoy' at work, you know the type, "Music For Your Work Day!" Please, allow me to vent...

Why would these radio stations foist upon their listeners music that can only diminish their mental capacity, to deaden their taste? I imagine the people who like this stuff to be going through life with their internal "taste-o-meter" stuffed up to the freakin' gills like they've got the mother of all head colds - and now it all, I mean EVERYTHING!, tastes the same, fan-freakin'-tastic! AND IT'S THE SAME JUNK ON ALL THESE STATIONS: Shania, Celine, Avril, George Michael, Hootie, the latest Canadian Idol lunkhead, and right now I am thanking God I can't recall anymore.

Now back to my original line of intent... while listening to this 'soul poison', I heard some on-air guy talking about what was his theme song, his personal theme song, and it got me to thinking, "What was my theme song? And wouldn't it be interesting to find what other people's were? "

So here's your chance, it may take a little thought, it did for me, but I would really like to hear from you guys on this. If possible I will put up mp3s of some of the theme songs. If this triggers verbal diarrhea in some of you, don't fight it, please, just let it flow and send it to me at, or leave your mark in the comments.

Now my theme song is... I'm still thinking about that. Let me get back to you on that one.
(*i'm starting to get an idea - a tom waits song or maybe the walkmen)

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  1. I've always thought it would be cool to have music queues like in the movies. Every time I'd enter a room you'd hear "ba ba baaaaa!" like in the old thrillers when the bad guy makes his entrance. So I guess I'll go with "Darth Vader's theme (Imperial March)" for now until I can think of something better.