December 15, 2004

FROM BUBBLEGUM TO SKY - eenie meenie records

From Bubblegum to Sky is another one of those 'one man projects'. That man is - and yes, if you listened to them before reading this, it is a man singing(I wasn't fooled but some I know were) - the man is... Mario Hernandez, a 36 year old Texan from El Paso, who previously recorded with Jamie McCormick under the moniker Ciao Bella.

This is an aptly named 'band', for the music is more than a little like the AM radio Top 40 stuff that spawned the handle 'Bubblegum Pop'. This is happy, bubbly, effervescent music. It's a bottle of well shaken Coke left out in the dizzying sun of a crowded mid-August sea side beach - a compact vessel with a warm, brown, sticky-sweet liquid, just waiting to pop.

And pop it does...

From Bubblegum to Sky

hello hello hi
operation big beat
my thousand years with robots
some kind of fantastic

as Ciao Bella -
Details from the Deep End

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