December 10, 2004


The heart of American band Glasstown is Adam Klein and Michael Mullen, both published authors in addition to being the musical duo Roman Evening. Glasstown create rich music, pop music, yes - but rich, pop music - informed by men with more than 3 decades on this mortal coil. They write memorable tunes - in this case swirling with organ and strings, plus Klein's one-of-a-kind voice riding the 'End of our Understanding'melody like it was a ghostly-grey wave.

+ end of our understanding

+ roman evening 3 tracks can be streamed or downloaded here

I Am Kloot are a British trio, from Manchester, England who create idiosyncratic indie pop - helped in this aspect not the least by John Bramwell's fascinating voice delivering lines like '...there's blood on your legs, I love you' in their song 'Twist'.

Listen to the throbbing bass in "Over My Shoulder", drive the song into a grey English Sunday morning filled with regret.

+ morning rain
+ to you
+ over my shoulder

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