December 13, 2004

Marianne Faithfull - "My Friends Have"

'before the poison'

Marianne Faithfull fuels her latest album, "Before The Poison", with younger blood. Faithfull has collaborated on all the tracks with artists PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Damon Albarn, and Jon Brion. The biggest contributor on "Before The Poison", besides Faithfull of course, is PJ Harvey. And it's a good match, I get the feeling that the two women got along famously and I have only had a chance to hear the one track, "My Friends Have". Harvey penned the words and music to the track, a track which pounds out of the speakers harder than I have ever heard Faithfull before. But the thing which either gets you or kills you is the Faithfull voice - it's like eating lemons, some can do it and some are babies.

I always got the feeling that if Marianne Faithfull could just let herself go, let herself create freely, without the boundaries imposed by her past addictions and her addictive personality, she could have become as eccentric and invaluable an artist as Tom Waits. And that feeling is partly validated by what she does on the song, "My Friends Have". Remember as you listen, this is a 58 year old woman.

+ my friends have

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