January 19, 2005


Do you have that disease… that sickness?—the one where you need, you desire, to discover something new, something that lifts you up above the muck for a moment or two. I’ve had it for years—although the yearning is no longer as strong as it was when I was eighteen. No, I am not referring to drugs, but it is a chemical reaction, some strange union between mind and body when you listen to music that touches you. If you are slowly and softly nodding your head in agreement and recognition… I’ve got something for you. Levy.

Currently unsigned, the band Levy consists of singer and guitarist James Levy, backed up by Mike Jones on drums, James Broughel on bass, and Matthew Daniel Siskin on guitar. Just celebrating their first year together as a band this is how guitarist Siskin describes their beginnings:

"We met by accident at a bar, January 2003 (James Levy and I) and said, "Let’s start a band", it was as easy as that. (We) played our first show, July of 2003, and I think it’s been about 60 shows since then."

Their music is a sweet indie concoction, just great pop songs made distinct by the bands separate personalities and by no obvious influences. Oh, there are some influences in the young band’s music, but for a group of men living in New York and that cities' dominating and domineering music scene, to find your own voice so early in a career is saying something. Keep your ears open they will be saying more.

Go to the LEVY website for 6 tracks – click on Hear.
You can purchase LEVY recordings on site.

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