February 24, 2005


Chugging acoustic guitars push Crooked Finger's, "Call to Love", back to an era of good feelin' pop songs and male/female vocals. Another fine example of a throwback, an evocation of those special songs you would hear in your mother's car on the way home from picking up groceries. The kind of song that would make a most subliminal impression and would surface twenty or so years later in the first single off of your fourth album. At least that's the impression I have come to after listening to "Call to Love" and Eric Bachmann's familiar vocal -- a voice that is Neil Diamond-like -- that is to say, Diamond without the bluster, the bombastic overkill. Happily countered on this track by Lara Meyerratken's womanly and creamy singing -- this could be Merge Records label mate, M. Ward, with a lighthearted shot of 'pop', an 'indie' twist, added to his superbly atmospheric songwriting--but it isn't... it's Crooked Fingers.

+ call to love
courtesy of betterPropaganda.com


  1. Such a good song! Weird to think this is the guy who sang "Underachievers March and Fight Song". Thanks!

  2. hey caley
    thanks for the comments -- glad you like the music. yeah, from archers of loaf to crooked fingers, he's still writing great music. the album is worth checking out as well.

  3. Thanks so much for posting the new Crooked Fingers track!!! I heard it on our local public station this past week and fell head over heels for it. Melodically, it's very reminiscent of the unreleased Springsteen track, "Cindy." Man, this is pure pop satisfaction!