February 09, 2005


This piece first appeared on betterPropaganda.com last week.

The next time I dream that I am trapped in a world of puppets, muppets, and kids show hosts -- with traffic directed by out of work game show assistants and head-on collisions are a matter of fact occurrence. And the clowns, the clowns that call the sewers home are nice clowns... no, really... they are nice clowns -- the next time this happens the dream's soundtrack will be Jennifer Gentle's, "I Do Dream You".

This song is hard to describe, if you've listened to Ween you will hear some similarities -- there are bits of circus, carnival, and maybe something like Peewee's Playhouse lurking here. Here at Better Propaganda under the heading, 'Similar Music', it says Jennifer Gentle has like aspects of the band Low, perhaps... if Low ate a pound of coffee beans and then after donning Teletubbie suits they each inhaled a tank of helium... perhaps then. Or maybe they are referring to both bands working in their own worlds, creating their own space without regard to what is 'in' with the indie kids, but I prefer the smart ass jab about coffee beans, Teletubbies, and helium.

+ I Do Dream You (sub pop)
download courtesy of betterPropaganda


  1. The first time I heard this song, I thought it was stupid. Then I thought it was catchy. Now I just think it's awesome :)

  2. The exact same thing happened to me Matt! 1st listen: What is this crap? 3rd listen: I love this song!

    Unfortunately the rest of the album is completely different and I haven't gotten into it at all, only this one song. So fair warning, you're not going to get 10 tracks just like this one.

  3. Anonymous9:36:00 AM

    You should listen too "Locoweed", "My Memories Book", "Husbands" from the
    first and second Jennifer Gentle's album...