April 04, 2005

Clogs / Brassland

I was remiss in not mentioning that The National, now on Beggars Banquet (where you can stream Alligator in it's entirety, btw), previously called the indie label Brassland, their American home. Brassland is an interesting indie label, owned in part by The National's Dessner brothers, Aaron and Bryce, along with writer Alec Hanley Bemis, it features a small, but eclectic mix of highly talented artists on its roster. Artists from cellist Erik Friedlander to the Aussie/Yank foursome Clogs, of which The National's guitarist, Bryce Dessner, is a member.

Clogs music is for the most part instrumental, you could call it indie-classical; although many indie music fans would find their sound so foreign, some would term it experimental. Putting forth music of this type almost seems an experiment, surely an experiment in love and faith, as playing the rich music that Clogs do they can't be in it for the fame and fortune. Clogs' songs brings to mind music scored for film, but pieces such as the song "Pencil Stick", would simply overpower most film scenes. And in a reversal of roles, the light and shadow on screen would be the nearly subliminal undercurrent embellishing the striking music being heard.

Clogs other members are Padma Newsome, Rachael Elliot, and Thomas Kozumplik, with all bringing a solid grounding in classical music to the band, as well as some members contributing knowledge of jazz and rock. Their most recent release is Stick Music (2004), with two previous offerings being Thom's Night Out (2001) and Lullaby for Sue (2003), therefore you have much music to discover and enjoy.

+ pencil stick
+ i'm very sad

Visit Brassland through the link below for music and video of their artists.

clogs website
brassland website
the national website

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