April 24, 2005


The roots of K Records and the indie label Sub Pop are forever entwined - as KRECS' founder, Calvin Johnson, worked with Sub Pop honcho, Bruce Pavitt, in the early 80's, when Sub Pop was still just a fanzine. A job that surely planted the seed which would become the thriving Olympia, Washington based indie imprint K Records is today.

The Softies [indie/twee pop]
+ beginning of the end
+ Me and the Bees
+ Alaska
+ It's Love
+ The Best Days
+ Tracks and Tunnels

Old Time Relijun [experimental indie pop/rock]
+ Earthquake
+ Siren
+ Vampire Victim
+ vampire sushi

Tender Trap [indie pop]
+ oh katrina
+ Chemical Reaction

Love As Laughter [indie rock]
+ do you believe in alien boredom?

Marine Research [indie/twee pop]
+ hopefulness to hopelessness

Modest Mouse [noise/emo/lo-fi/indie rock]
+dukes up

Chicks on Speed [electronic indie]
+ glamour girl

Little Wings [lo-fi indie pop]
+ next time

k records
marine research
chicks on speed
modest mouse
tender trap
the softies
old time relijun
love as laughter


  1. I live up here in the Northwest and K records is part of the holy triumvirate along with the Sub Pop and Kill Rock Stars labels. Please do not overlook The Microphones on K records. It's essentially Phil Elverum with some friends but it's some of the best material K records has ever put out. The Glow Pt. 2 is probably one of the albums of the decade so far in this humble poster's opinion.

  2. Hmm... never knew about K Records. Now I question how many other awesome record labels I've overlooked. Good post :)

  3. Not to be confused with K-Tel Recoreds...EVER!