April 14, 2005

Kittridge Records

While tracking down a song I had just this evening listened to a couple of times on an old burned cd, the song was by The National Splits (mike downey of wolfie and mathlete), I came across the LA based indie label, Kittridge Records. With a roster bolstered by the likes of Wolfie, The Like Young, and of course The National Splits, this is another example of a small high quality record label operating under the radar. Now, when I come to a label site I always look for the link to audio/mp3/sounds/music, however they name their music page, if there is one -- and in Kittridge's case I was not disappointed. Under the heading, audio/video, I found their 2004 label sampler offered as free downloads.

Oh, yeah, the song I was looking for is this one, "The Audio Account", one helluva catchy, lo-fi, indie-pop song that wobbles in just the right places... you'll see, or hear what I mean...

the national splits + the audio account

1.New Estate "Don't Like The Way" (mp3) info
2.Spraydog "Peardrops"
3.Girlboy Girl "Radiator" (mp3) info
4.The Like Young "Freddy" (mp3) info
5.The National Splits "Remember Action"
6.Going Stagg "Loopy" (mp3) info
7.Paul and Lara "Recover"
8.Scrabbel "Peel Down the Road"
9.Tugboat Fantastic! "Orion's Belt"
10.New Bethel "The Ticket" (mp3) info
11.The Summer In Between "Times Like These"
12.Le PepEs "Perfect Pop Song" (mp3) info
13.The National Splits "Bonus Track"
**A note: you can download all the tracks separately on the Kittridge site, or, if you like, as one lumpy .zip file above.

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