April 26, 2005

PARASOL Downloads

Parasol.com began life, I believe, as a music mail-order business, which then grew into a record label. Today it is a-kind-of parent label to a handful of indie imprints: Hidden Agenda, Mud Records, Spur, and Reaction Recordings.

Here is a mix of artists found on the site, more mp3s can be had here and a ton of new music can be found and purchased here, special are here.

Sarge"Detroit Star-lite" from the album Distant
Braid "Harrison Ford" from the album The Age Of Octeen
Wolfie "Yeah Yeah You" from the album Awful Mess Mystery
Fonda "Until The End" from the album Catching Up To The Future
Angie Heaton "It's Easier When You're Here" from the album Let It Ride
Twin Princess "Althea" from the album Complete Recordings
The Gerbils "Fluid" from the album Are You Sleepy?
Shimmer Kids Underpop Association "Burning Bridges" from the album The Natural Riot
Orwell "Fear Of Mars" from the album Following Days
Action "Brain" from the album Rolled Gold

1 comment:

  1. If you really like Beach Boys, Brian Wilson and Todd Rungren influencd music, check out "June & The Exit Wounds" on Parasol. A great CD! I've almost worn my copy out.


    Read the reviews.