April 30, 2005


When it comes to indie pop/rock played by pre-teen sisters, this is as good as it gets. Asya and Chloe are for real. Funky keyboards, rock steady drums, and a girlish voice with a strong vibrato.

+ massive cure

*Buy their cd, She Like Electric, here.
**Smoosh homepage


  1. yeah, Smoosh is pretty great... Imagine them in 10 years..

    I have the cd and "Massive Cure" is definitely the high point..

  2. This is the only song by Smoosh I could get through even though it was a minute too long. They definitely don't deserve all the hype they're getting. If you take out the vocals and the keyboard it's decent song.

  3. Smoosh is really good. I love their whole CD. It's Not Your Day to Shine and But Know I are both amazing songs.