May 18, 2005

Antony and the Johnsons: "I Am A Bird Now": Review

The definition of androgynous is -- "...not clearly male or female", and this description can also be applied to music, although it may sound feminine or masculine, it's the listener who gives it it's gender. Perhaps I should say music is sexless, but sexy. That can be said about most music, especially the strangely compelling new work, I Am A Bird Now (secretly canadian), by Antony and the Johnsons. Antony does possess an androgynous look which is played up by make-up and clothing, he also possesses a startling voice; one which sweeps and swoops with his at-times-theatrical music. The vocals waver and tremble, as if on the edge of tears -- his prononced vibrato may claim comparisions to Bryan Ferry, although Antony's voice is much more open and raw; and yes there is an androgynous aspect, without knowing the artist you may wonder if it is a man or a woman. Although he does not own an instrument as transcendentally crystalline as Jeff Buckley's, he can at times produce in the listener the same response. Both artist's voices being blessed with the power to translate the emotion of the lyric into an emotion in the listener.

I Am A Bird Now
(cover shot of Candy Darling, 1974)

Ten tracks strong, I Am A Bird Now, is justly titled as Antony warbles like a wounded songbird on the opener, "Hope There's Someone". In fact he comes across like a rare beautiful bird on all ten -- that brightly coloured, sleekly feathered, just out of reach creature, sending it's sadly burnished song into the open sky. Songs that standout include "My Lady Story", (one of several that touch on gender identification) coloured blue by flute and simple, but elegant, backing vocal work; "Fistfull of Love", boasting a Lou Reed spoken-word intro, blossoms into a gospel meltdown with horn punches and stand up and testify emotion. Closing the disc is "Bird Guhl", the most beautiful number on the album. A powerful melody that matches the passion of Antony's lyric, "Cause I'm a Bird Guhl (pronounced Bird Girl)/ and the Bird Guhls go to heaven/ cause I'm a Bird Guhl /and the Bird Guhls can fly". It would be easy for many of these songs to be overdone, to be dressed up in sickly sweet strings and over wrought emotion; luckily Antony's taste matches his talent.

There is a spiritual element to the sound of Antony's music -- music which worships piano cabaret ballads, string laden chamber pop, and gospel-fired soul -- gospel heard in a church that will soon find new parishioners, I am sure.

He is a bird now... it's hard to imagine him as anything else.

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+ hope there's someone


  1. antony is so great, I first heard of him through his amazing song the cripple and the starfish but now this newrecord sounds asgood

  2. This album is one of my favorites so far this year...

  3. Love - this - song - sooo - much!

  4. Anonymous1:22:00 AM

    Good to see Antony getting some recognition. I have two of their albums and no matter how many times I listen to his voice, it still shocks and moves me.

  5. I am so gratefl I stuck around to listen to this, unknown to me CD, and it's lead sin singer. What is a 53 year old happily married teacher doing listening to this music? Art transcends sterotype. This is a very moving work.

  6. antony's new album is perfect innit, it's an album that will still be talked about in 20 years i reckon...

  7. Anonymous8:24:00 PM

    he breaks my heart, he really does.

  8. Love thi album and singer. Was great live BTW! Must say my favorite on this album is 'Spiraling'. So glad to see him getting recognition.


    oh and "IMPEACH BUSH"