May 04, 2005

HIVE STUDIOS :: Unreleased Music

Hive Studios in British Columbia is a recording studio and a record label. On the studio site they offer free mp3s of unreleased material by bands that have recorded there -- bands like P:ano, Pink Mountaintops and Ex Dead Teenager... a band I hadn't heard of, described this way on the site...

The line-up included Josh Wells (now in Jerk With A Bomb, Black Mountain,
Pink Mountaintops and ex-Radio Berlin) on guitar/vocals/keyboards, Steve McBean
(Jerk With A Bomb, Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, and previously Wrong
Records punkers Gus) on guitar/vocals, Christoph Hofmeister (Mercury The Winged
Messenger, Jerk With A Bomb, and now the newly reformed Daddy's Hands) on bass,
and Cory Gagnes (S.T.R.E.E.T.S.) on drums.

ex dead teenager + love ain't dead
pink mountaintops + erected
p:ano + lonely lights

There are quite a few downloads, worth exploring for sure.

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