May 07, 2005

MYNTA :: Teabreak

This is different for *Sixeyes, it isn't the type of music I typically listen to, but when I came across Mynta, on, I grabbed an mp3 of 'Fuzzy', and was struck by the sheer fluidity and speed of the music and musicians. Fusion is what this is, breaking it down to it's essence it is snowy Scandinavian jazz brought to a boil by fiery Indian rhythms.

+ Fuzzy
Song from Brahmaputra
*all tracks froom 2003's Teabreak


  1. 'Fuzzy' reminds me a little of Asa Chang's Parlor

  2. today is the great Bengali poet,author,playwright,lyricist's birthday,the late Rabindranath Tagore and i was dearly wishing that i would come to sixeyes and see some post on some of the famous songs written by him and sung by others. but then, i think i was simply expecting too much and doing a lot of wishful thinking. i don't know if you knew who he was.
    this post is great.
    a little fact: shankar mahadevan is a great artist in India and is often known as the "breathless" singer.