May 21, 2005


Yeah, this is a re-post, but for good reason. Sweet Billy Pilgrim will be releasing a full length album later this year and have got a new track (that won't appear on that new disc) available to download...

+ forget to breathe

...once again a fragile, beautiful piece of music from the boys.

*what follows is the original post from last February.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim are adventurous and experimental on the 3 track single featuring 'Stars Spill Out of Cups', along with the main track are 'God In The Details' and 'Atlantis'. This music doesn't jump up and bite you; it doesn't pick you up and spin you around. It ekes and seeps it's way into your unsuspecting head -- like subliminal shock treatment or timed-release 'ecstasy' masquerading as a tranquilizer.

'Stars Spill Out Of Cups' offers percussive banjo and chiming bells ringing star-like under carefully intertwined layers of instrument. The second track, 'God in the Details', with it's Tom Waitsian dissonance eventually gives way to choral vocals by songs end. And final track 'Atlantis' shimmers and wavers like light reflected off gentle waves, somehow retaining a fragility amongst the warm sheets of synths, guitars, and background vocals.

This is sneaky music full of tried and true acoustics and unknown but welcome electronic burbles and flourishes. It just might contain your next favourite song -- and after you've bought it and listened to it for a week, that fave song will slowly and surely be whispering sweet (billy pilgrim) 'somethings' into your ear.

+ God in the Details
+ ain't no jesus in here
(buy it here)

from an earlier release...
+ experience

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