June 24, 2005

Bishop Allen

Sweet, simple pop done with style and grace. Funny how that's all it takes sometimes, isn't it? Bishop Allen formed in February 2003 and released their debut 3 months later. Entitled Charm School - it is a fantastic example of indie pop.

+ Busted Heart
+ Little Black Ache
+ Eve Of Destruction
+ Things Are What You Make Of Them



  1. I've loved Bishop Allen since that album came out. They've recently been signed to Polyvinyl Records, which I think is a perfect fit.

  2. Anonymous9:28:00 PM

    Thanks for this post. I downloaded the songs and they're so darn irresistibly catchy!

  3. They didn't sign to PV. They're still deciding (unless they picked in the past couple minutes).

    But I love BA very much. Thanks for helping them out ;)

  4. Anonymous8:55:00 PM

    i've heard so much from them from matt, but i was lazy and forgot about them until this post.

    thank you so much alan for sharing these songs. they're so good. now i'm gonna have to go buy the album. (thus making everyone happy.)