August 21, 2005

Matt Marque: "Nothing Personal"

Singer/songwriter Matt Marque hails from the Windy City. His electro-folk-pop is warm and intimate. His first release was a homemade, cassette-only collection of songs called Lightbulb, Fork, String. It is, "... available somewhere in the mass of old tapes I still carry around with me, apartment to apartment." Signed in 2001 with TruckStop Records, he released Get There. In April of 2004, he released Nothing Personal.

"I eventually decided upon Nothing Personal because I liked the vagueness implicit in it, and of course the embarrassingly obvious double-meaning. ...As for comparing the two, I'm probably the least informed person to ask. I like both records but for wildly different reasons. I can say that this is the first record I've made that I have listened to more than 5 times after it was done. I'm really weird about that, or so I gather. I've probably listened to this one over a hundred times, which for me is bordering on the ridiculous. It's dense. It's sometimes lush. I like that. I keep hearing new things. It has its moments."

from Nothing Personal (CD):

from Get There (CD):
unknown flowers on your dress

from Disco Nap (7"):
flip and fuck

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  1. thanks for turning me on to this guy. listened all week.