August 22, 2005


Pet Politics, a.k.a. Magnus Larsson, made a welcome splash just a short time ago in the tiny, but rabid mp3 blog scene. He did what countless others have done already and that was to make direct contact with a handful of bloggers and invite them to listen to the music on their website. Once in a great while the music is special and makes the ears prick up. Pet Politics is special. Magnus isn't doing anything truly different, it's just how the influences come out of his mind, hands, and throat, that give his music it's unique stamp. Now Magnus has once more utilized his Layla 20 Bit Multitrack to record a brand new song called, "The Ghost Mary and Her Friends" [mp3].

I have asked Magnus a handful of questions... here's what he had to say.


*Six: What influences and inspires the music you write?

Magnus: I get inspired of hearing a new record with some artists I like, for example, I Am A Bird Now, with Antony and the Johnsons (the best record of the year), it makes me wanna write new songs. I also get inspired of things around me, different situations.

*Six: Being a musician, I'll presume you are a music lover, and have a collection of albums you've been amassing for years. What in your collection would you never part with and why?

Magnus: Some of my favourite records are with artists/bands like: Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Silver Jews, and Magnetic Fields. I never get tired of them.

*Six: What drives you to create music when there is little substantail pay-off, monetarily, at this point?

Magnus: It's a thing I have to do, I don't know why but I need to create melodies and write lyrics and I'm loving it.

*Six: Do you prefer the lo-fi flavour your songs acquire, recording the way you do, or do you dream of getting into a big multi-track studio?

Magnus: Yes I've always loved the lo-fi sound. Maybee one day I will record in a studio instead of doing it all by myself but only if I find people that can create the sound that I want to. I don't want it to be to clean.

*Six: I'm very surprised at your love for Antony, his music is so sweeping and dramatic... what is it you like so much about I'm A Bird Now?

Magnus: I love his voice and his melodies. I really like both of his records alot, they are really beautiful.

*Six: What is the live music scene like in Gothenburg? Do you play in the clubs much?

Magnus: The live scene in Gothenburg is ok, there are clubs for both signed and unsigned bands to play at, but of course it would be nice with some more places. I haven't started to do concerts yet, because "Pet Politics" is a pretty new project so I've been busy recording, but hopefully I will soon.

Listen to more Pet Politics...
+ in my head
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