August 09, 2005

Pet Politics

Pet Politics is the name that Swede, Magnus Larsson, has adopted. Living in Gothenburg, Sweden, the 31 year-old records in his apartment, playing all instruments. The music of Pet Politics is lo-fi, perhaps due to the situation it is recorded in, and 'indie' in style. Magnus' voice is very appealing, a sugared rasp that fits well within the sounds he coaxs out of the instruments. Not sure which song I like more, "In My Head" has a strong, rough hewn melody, pushed along by Magnus' churning guitar and the simple drum pattern. "The Cold Wind Blows" takes a slower route, but once again boasts the kind of backbone any good song needs, a hummable melody.

+ In my head
+ The cold wind blows


  1. Anonymous3:17:00 PM

    I like it. melancholy. understated.

  2. Mmmmmh
    It reminds me The Velvet's Pale Blue Eyes...