September 12, 2005

Aggregators: The Great, the good, and the ugly.

When it came to checking up on what the other mp3 blogs out there were doing, I'd always turn to, but it has been offline for a while now. Does anyone know what happened to it? Did whoever ran it not like the competition of a couple of new kids on the block?

Now I rely heavily on webnymph and pretty much ignore the other two I know of, elbows and the hype machine. Elbows seem alright, but the hype machine should be on every bloggers black list for it allows visitors to it's own page to download songs (that bloggers spent time researching and writing about) without even visiting the very blogs themselves! They might think they are providing a service to those who visit mp3 blogs, but they are poking a big fat finger in the eyes of all who run those mp3 blogs.

So I highly recommend webnymph and will also give elbows it's due, although I do discourage all from using the hype machine. An aggregator that takes visitors away from the bloggers who do it out of a love for music and the willingness to share what they love with others.

1 comment:

  1. Agreed. Not a fan of the hype machine methods.