September 08, 2005

the cloud room

You can hear Bowie in so much of The Cloud Room's "Hey Now Now", the young Bowie, who still made good use of the acoustic guitar, who was still sexually ambiguous -- not to say that The Cloud Room is sexually ambiguous, nor are they musically ambiguous. They clearly stand in that cool, gigantic, 35 odd year-old shadow of multiple personalities and musical experimentation that marked and even marred, at times, the career of Mr. Bowie. The lead singer, J, comes across like a very early Lou Reed, with Reed's weary velvet rasp, channeling Bowie on the track, "Hey Now Now". A great song with what the kids call, a killer hook, greatly enhanced by the superb production by Chris Zane (Calla, Inouk, Human Television, Les Savy Fav). I may be dating myself, but this pops out of the speakers just like The Cars debut album did back around 1977.

+ hey now now

+ blackout

*both tracks from their self-titled debut on Gigantic Music


  1. My oh my, what a find. Both tracks are extremely enjoyable and yes, I'm listening and remembering some "ground control to major tom"

  2. Anonymous11:55:00 AM

    Is the second song not called Blackout? Hey Now Now, is THE catchiest tune I've heard in ages, it's infectious!

  3. hey anon, you're right. not sure where i got waterfall from. thanks!

  4. Anonymous10:28:00 PM

    thanks for posting 'hey now now'. I found it a few months ago on another mp3 blog and it's been in heavy rotation ever since.

    phenomenal stuff, no doubt.