September 01, 2005

David Fridlund - 'New Song'

Swedish songwriter, David Fridlund, has recently joined the ranks of millions by launching his own blog here. Already he has offered up a shiny new mp3 called "Tears Are In Your Eyes" on his blog page and I hope he continues to offer more treats. As the title suggests, the song, which is a demo, is steeped in sadness and Fridlund does sadness very, very well.

Fridlund's solo debut, Amaterasu, released May 3, 2005 on Hidden Agenda, garnered some well deserved accolades and has likely inspired the piano player to compose pieces which are even more confident then he has already.

+ Tears Are In Your Eyes - demo

+ april and may - off of amaterasu

Buy Amaterasu
*Download Amaterasu from via their great trial offer.

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  1. great post, I love a good demo much better than a great finished product