September 10, 2005


The Fembots (Dave MacKinnon [left] and Brian Poirier) just released a new record called, The City, on Paper Bag Records. As a preview of this disc here is a song that, if it doesn't get you clapping your hands along, then you must have lost them somewhere. You better put up a poster, offer a reward, you're gonna need them.

The FemBots began as a home recording project of Dave MacKinnon and Brian Poirier. Their debut, Mucho Cuidado (2000), featured songs written and performed on power tools, toys and broken down thrift store instruments. The duo quickly carved a unique space in the Toronto music scene bringing their post-industrial folk songs to the stage using tape loops and reel-to-reel machines mixed with often frantic live performances.

+ countdown our days from The City

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