September 12, 2005

Niels Nielsen

Niels Nielsen, who I believe is Swedish, plays straight up indie pop/rock with enough flair and hooks to turn heads. Rhythmic acoustic guitars at times mesh with electronic gurgles and squiggles and when Niels utilizes double tracked vocals ("Shooting Dogs") he can't help but evoke Elliott Smith, intentionally or not. I like it.

On his minimalist homepage you can download two 4 track EPs... visit through the link above.

+ paycheck (song for thillda) from Cornerstones of Hell EP
+ shooting dogs from Invest My Soul You Devil EP

*thanks to Mikael B. for the tip.


  1. Ooh, that was some good shit. Good post!

  2. You can also buy two songs online with Niels on

    He´d love that! :)

    Fredrik, Fiberline Audio