September 05, 2005

*SIXEYES | Labour Day Discoveries

the king of france + the beast
the devastations + loene
the drones + the country of love (alternate version)
group sounds + business before pleasure
hemstad + En sång för LKAB
hemstad + Patrik Sjöberg

kids these days by rebecca blisset

MP3s from White Whale Records...
kids these days + intoxicated
kids these days + the hips (the captain)
kids these days + sink in your teeth
precious fathers + snowshoes
octoberman + merci cornerstore
octoberman + x-pat


  1. the kings of france and the drones have a pretty good sound.

    thanks for the post.

  2. man thats awesome its about time someone else from another country has discovered australian bands such as The Drones and The Devastations they kick butt!

    By the way The Drones are relocating to America. which sucks

  3. The Drones are relocating to France. Devastations have a new album out this month. I'm looking forward to it. Great debut, but I think they've got a lot more inside of them.