October 22, 2005


This Indonesian band called Everybody Loves Irene has an 'ace in the hole' in the band's namesake, Irene Yohanna. Her cool, sugary vocals are perfectly suited for the laidback spacy vibe of the band's music. Yudhi Arfani (guitar), Dimas Anindityo (bass), Mulyadi Triharsono (drums), Aulia Naratama (synthetizer), Nurendro Siwiaji (keyboard), and of course the aforementioned, Irene Yohanna, create the sparse trip hop stylings of Everybody Loves Irene.

Standout tracks are "Memento Mori" and "Gravity Always Wins".

+ Memento Mori
Gravity Always Win
+ Try Try Try
The Lullaby Show
(*these are all demos the band is shopping around in hopes of getting a foreign label deal. )

Another mp3, a cover of the Misfits, "Hybrid Moments", can be downloaded off this page.
Here's a few more...
+ fade in
+ hate sunday
+ uncertainty & anxiety


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  2. Hi, my name is Pedro. I'm all the way from across the globe.
    Today, you made my day, I'm so happy... your music is so good! I'm a massive trip hop downtempo fan.
    and YES! Everyone should love Irene!
    My best regards to all you. I know you'll go far!!

  3. I haven't heard all of ELI's materials, but ones i've heard has reminded me of trip-hop capturing moments. The gospel-esque voice, the beat aesthetics, the poignant lyrics has given birth to "love". It is hard NOT to love Irene. The band just obtained one more fan. Funny how depressive loops can produce such relaxing outcome.