November 17, 2005


Fat Possum Records artists, The Black Keys, free and legal mp3s available below
the black keys

Fat Possum Records keeps the blues alive in the land from which it sprang, Mississippi. Their roster offers the buying public everything from men who lived and died living the blues to young men still creating blues, showing their love for this oft dismissed genre of music... give it a chance, there is something for every one.

here's a sampling of a few Fat Possum artists...

the black keys
all hands against his own
hard row
+ 10 A.M. Automatic
Grown So Ugly
heartless bastards
+ newresolution
+ onions
+ runnin'
furry lewis
good morning judge
r.l. burnside
shake em on down
thee shams
on my mind
twenty miles
east st louis

Many Fat Possum artists are found on *sixeyes digital download service of choice, eMusic... such as The Black Keys, Thee Shams, R.L. Burnside, Furry Lewis, Bob Log III, and more. The site's great trial offer is still alive and kicking right here.


  1. what an amazing post.

    we've recently been doing a "blues in the school" program where we've got to listen to some local professors in music, specifically blues.

    glad to hear more and more from this genre. thanks for the post, and the elliot smith links man.

  2. Woah now, how can you mention Fat Possum without Bob Log III??

  3. I live in Oxford, Mississippi where fat possum is located. Personally I feel they screwed R.L. Burnside (who's now dead) and they're also screwing over their other musicians. That's just the talk of the town though...

    Don't forget Rock N Roll was born in Mississippi as well, not just the blues.

  4. Anonymous12:56:00 AM

    I agree, how could you skip over Bob Log III?