November 22, 2005

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards, free mp3s available below

Kathleen Edwards has written some very strong songs in an alt-country vein, songs that musically seem to shimmer around and about her voice. A voice which is warm, pleasing, friendly, familiar, and yet somehow distinctive. Upon listening to a few of these you will see how she generated the praise that welcomed her arrival with the album Failer in 2003.

From Back To Me 2005
+ Back To Me
+ In State
+ Copied Keys
+ Summerlong

From Failer 2003
+ 6 O'clock News
+ One More Song the Radio Won't Like
+ National Steel


  1. fabby stuff..thanks...i was delighted to come across so many tracks and it gives me a real flavour of what she does...rather well...cheers

  2. Just saw Kathleen Edwards a couple of nights ago, superb voice, great songs. Took some pics. Countrygrrl is from my neck of the woods... hope she managed to catch this gig.

    I enjoy visiting your blog Alan.
    Good variety of music here.
    Keep it up

  3. I absolutely loved "Failer." "Back To Me" is a good'un as well. Need to check out her live show here in L.A.

  4. Failer is one of my favorite albums on 2003! Back to Me is pretty darn good, too! What a talent!

  5. Love Kathleen Edwards. Love her voice. You should also check out Gina Villalobos. She gives Kathleen a run for her money. Love your blog.