November 16, 2005

New Release from Mellowdrone: Box

Mellowdrone will release their new disc this January. Entitled, Box, it offers the curious listener 13 new tracks. And here is a preview, free and legal of course... + fashionably uninvited

>> Stream the track [Windows]

Box Track Listing:
1. C'mon Try A Little Bit
2. Oh My
3. Four Leaf Clover
4. Fashionably Uninvited
5. Beautiful Day
6. Fuck It Man
7. Whatever The Deal
8. Madison
9. And Repeat
10. Orange Marmalade
11. Amazing
12. Bone Marrow
13. Limb To Limb

More MP3s...

+ unchained
+ orange marmalade
You will find two more on the band's myspace page here.

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