November 25, 2005


Peter Elkas, free live and studio mp3s below

I saw Peter Elkas, here in Waterloo, close to two years ago opening for former Thrush Hermit leader and now solo artist, Joel Plaskett. It was one of those cases of not paying much attention to what was happening on the stage while leaning against a wall drinking beer. You know... trying to talk above the din. What I remember is that we would stop talking and turn towards the stage more and more frequently as the then-to-me-unknown singer won over the crowd. Now about a year later, I know the name and now this song that has earned a spot in my crowded head, "Party of One".

I love this song's opening, the falling down the stairs, static-y drums, the tasty guitar licks flicking out of the speakers, and surely, not in the least... the Elkas voice - a sweet syrupy sound, climbing into a clear Buckleyesque falsetto. This song deserves to be heard...

+ Party of One from Party of One - produced by Don Kerr.

*live tracks
+ Building a Harmony
+ Gone It's Gone
+ Turn Out The Lights
+ Only You
*all mp3s courtesy of

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