November 19, 2005


Vertical Struts, free and legal mp3s available below

From Edmonton, Alberta, the Vertical Struts are a duo, a throwback to the rawer sounds of the sixties and the punk aggression which came to prominence in the late seventies. The duo are Raymond Biesinger and Trevor Anderson. Biesinger on guitar and lead vocal and Anderson behind the drum kit, both responsible for the more than respectable music produced by this Western Canadian band. Working from the influences of their parents record collections, impressive artistic taste, and the appealing musical trait of 'not being afraid to get dirty', you should listen, watch, and buy Vertical Struts.


From Vertical Struts full length S/T debut on Pop Echo Records
+ girlfriend boyfriend
+ sh!
+ stab stab stab

Track List
Stab, Stab, Stab
Girlfriend Boyfriend
Fun is Not Fun
the Chief Fox
If My Baby Isn't There
Diamond Coats and Other Things
It's Just I Gotta Know
Field and Stream


From their debut 7"...
+ blues from an airplane
+ plans for her


  1. Is Blues from an Airplane on the album? I don't see it in the tracklisting. Just curious, I like what I hear though!

    - Jeff

  2. Hey Jeff-
    I rushed this post and made a little mistake, "Blues from an Airplane" is from their 7' release and "Sh!" is from their full length debut.
    I've fixed the mix-up.

    thanks for tipping me off.