December 19, 2005

Between The Pine

Between The Pine: Free MP3 downloads

Between The Pine is the solo work of Rhode Island's Jim Diotte and it's surprising work. It's always surprising to stumble across such well crafted and marvellously performed songs by someone you've never heard of... surprising and inspiring. Diotte has just released a three track EP on Brooklyn's 80H Records and it's free, a free download on the 80H site. The music bubbles and simmers over and around the soft vocals of Diotte and, in places, the lovely backing vocals of his wife, Robin Toste.

This track, "I'll Carry On My Father's Joke", is Sufjan Stevens and Iron and Wine meet Bright Eyes in a Rhode Island basement.

+ i'll carry on my father's joke

Go here for the other mp3s.


Diotte also plays in the band Number 1, I Love You.

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