December 10, 2005

Bronx Cheerleader: Tough Guy Cliches: Review

Bron Cheerleader: Tough Guy Cliches: free mp3 available belowBronx Cheerleader
Tough Guy Cliches
[yummy recordings - 2005]
*Sixeyes Score: 8.3 out of 10

This debut outing is wonderfully packed with strongly memorable melodies. Led by Scott Warren of former Toronto band Pope Factory, this is a DIY bedroom effort which was mixed and mastered by Yummy Recordings label head, Joe Lapinski. Relying heavily on acoustic guitar and frequent double tracking of Warren's soft vocals some of the album's 12 songs raise the spectre of Elliot Smith, but Warren's vocals are more akin to the ethereal voice of Great Lake Swimmer's Tony Dekker brought down to earth by the twin ghosts of Nick Drake and the aforementioned Smith. Standout tracks include "Hollywood Ending", "The Idea", Racing Time", and "Invisible Suit" with it's unexpected serpentine groove.

A series of songs that sparkle with the pent up energy of Warren's self-imposed exile from music. Shimmering with melancholia, Tough Guy Cliches, marks a very welcome return to the fold for Scott Warren.

+ hollywood ending

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