December 19, 2005

The Dead Science

The Dead Science: free mp3s below

From Seattle, The Dead Science formed five years ago in 2000. Originally consisting of Sam Mickens [guitar/vocals], Jherek Bischoff [bass] and his brother, Korum [drums], in the past year the band has replaced drummer Korum Bischoff with Nick Tamburro. Currently touring their latest full length on Absolutely Kosher, Frost Giant [October 2005], the trio meld a myriad of influences into a singular, if not easily accessible sound.

Working with traces of free form jazz, goth, and ties to Xiu Xiu, The Dead Science offer up a gloom laden rhythm section beneath Micken's fluid vocals; vocals which easily rise and fall with the shadowy rhythms. And that is the star attraction here, even with the bruised and airy sounds produced by this capable trio, it's Micken's vocals that will make or break this band when heard for the first time. What you will hear is the upper register theatricality of Frog Eyes'(another Absolutely Kosher band) Carey Mercer meeting the black winter fog of Tindersticks' Stuart Staples in the tone and delivery of Sam Mickens. This is a unique combination, a heady combination, one which some will not take too. All right, some of you will no doubt hear Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu in these vocals as well, so if you are a fan of any of these artists, or wonder what these combinations could possibly sound like, please listen.

from Frost Giant [2005]
+ drrrty magneto

from Bird Bones in the Bughouse [2004]
+ gamma knife
+ ossuary

from Submariner [2003]
+ batty
+ white train
+ threnody

*All of The Dead Science's recordings can be found at eMusic. Here's a link to eMusic's free trial offer of 50 downloads.


  1. Another *great* TDS song - Hiroshima Love Song from YETI 3 (out now):

  2. Sixeyes- of course I should warn you that the TDS song linked above likely isn't a legal download as the mp3s in the post are.

  3. Alan:

    of course it is legal as stated clearly in the print pages of YETI 3 by the editor himself.

    : kaleb