December 13, 2005

*Sixeyes' Additions to 'MP3 Aggregators'

I made up some buttons and added some new links under the MP3 Aggregators heading. The new additions are the Hype Machine and Elbows. Check them out if you haven't already and the two I had already in *sixeyes sidebar, Webnymph and Indieum.


  1. Your blog gets better and better. I had previously made an antipixel button for your site that I used on my blog to link to yours, hope you don't mind. :-)

  2. Thanks.

    Don't forget, the Flash-based mp3 blog mp3 aggregator.

  3. KATE -thanks, I don't mind at all.

    LARGEHBOY - i didn't forget it, it's been in the sidebar for a while.